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What if your horse could actually love training?

We are here to help you train your horse in the most fun, effective and ethical way. With reward based training. From husbandry to dressage. Redefine your relationship.

Trainer Toolbox
This 8 week practical module is an intensive course focusing on YOUR training skills & includes personal feedback and guidance on your training videos. 

Do you want to become a better trainer for your horse? We will focus all our attention on YOU, the trainer, and will expand your toolbox. 

Take a look at what we have in store

Educational opportunities

Click on the button below to see an overview of our education, the paths to follow and what kind of programs we offer. 

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We believe training can and should be fun for both horse and human. We strive for high independence and low frustration for all learners, horse and human alike. Our approach is horse centered, their needs come first. 

Read more about us, the academy and what we stand for


We have temporarily paused our extended courses as Do dedicates time to pursue further education. Nevertheless, we remain engaged within our community and may organize shorter webinars and similar events. To stay updated, consider subscribing to our newsletter


Meanwhile, if you're keen on teaching alongside Angelica, she continues to offer her dressage-focused courses through Reward Based Riding. Do has limited spots for coaching or behavior consult at Horses with Choices.


If you're interested in gaining a more profound understanding of our academy, exploring our core values, and discovering what we have in store to provide, continue reading below.

Learn and get support in a likeminded safe community

Come join our private facebook group where we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas. 

Exclusively for RBHA Students
This is where it all starts:

Build on the core skills of Pause and Connection. These lie at the heart of our training system. Without them we have nothing!

3 week intensive practical module with extensive feedback to your personal training videos
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