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What if your horse could actually love training?

We are here to help you train your horse in the most fun, effective and ethical way. With reward based training. From husbandry to dressage. Redefine your relationship.

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Prevent pushy, frustrated horses and humans. Set yourself and your horse up for success. Join our 5 hour online practical workshop on December 11th or December 17th of 2022. New dates in 2023!

Online workshop: how to set up your training with food rewards

We are currently working on an intensive program for anyone who wants to invest in a good foundation. Because we believe with a good foundation you can take your training anywhere!

Intensive Educational Program

Do you want to start or improve your training with food rewards? Set your horse up for success by focusing on low frustration & high independence. 

A relaxed and confident horse with our online practical course
This 2,5 week practical course includes personal feedback and guidance on your own training videos. Start March 6th 2023

We believe training can and should be fun for both horse and human. We strive for high independence and low frustration for all learners, horse and human alike. Our approach is horse centered, their needs come first. 

Read more about us, the academy and what we stand for

Take a look at what we offer

Learn and get support in a likeminded safe community

Come join our private facebook group where we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas. 

Exclusively for RBHA Students
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