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Educational Program

Finally, a thorough reward based education for you and your horse!

With focus on practical guidance and becoming an independent trainer, so you can take this anywhere you want to!​

The missing puzzle piece

When we look at horse human communication, what we often see missing is foundational skills. Taking a step back and investing in those essential skills, will actually propel your progress forward immensely.

Working with clear foundations for my horses really changed our way of speaking to each other. I can now work with both my horses without stress for anyone of us. 


Åsa with Litla & Wilda

"We had several advanced behaviors already but lacked relaxation and the stability a good foundation gives. Going back to retrain this gave us so much progress in in our dressage work."

Ulrika & Sickan

We offer a clear training system to build your foundation behaviors towards fluency. You can build all other behaviors from that foundation.

~ Foundation to Fluency ~


It's a fun intensive program, which will change the way you and your horse communicate together 

The role of foundation behaviors in our training system

Ok foundation schmoundation. What does this all mean? Why should we care so much? Listen to the podcast episode below. Discover how foundation behaviors are the key to building a training system and what that means. What are they and how and why do we use them?

Without a training system, we just have loose behaviors. To use the language metaphor, we have only built letters or words to communicate, not a whole language.

Enough passion talking about foundation, let us tell you about our program

You can train everything from a few key foundation behaviors.

And yes we mean EVERYTHING!

Our premise:


The program is made up of 4 modules. In each module we focus on a different aspect. But in all modules we develop a deeper understanding and fluency on the foundation behaviors. At the same time we develop training skills and create independent learners. We are currently rolling out the modules one by one when they're ready. Students can sign up per module, but each time the previous modules are a prerequisite.



In this module we focus on how to set up your sessions and what structure can bring your training. We start building on our Core Skills: Pause and Connection 

Prerequisite: None

Setup: 3 week intensive course, multiple lectures and training assignments. Lots of feedback on the training videos


In this module we focus on you, as a trainer. We want to build your toolbox: your mechanics, your timing & observational skills, your reward delivery and your connection with your horse. Become a better trainer for your horse.

Prerequisite:  Module 1


Setup: 8 week course, weekly lectures and training assignments. Individual feedback to your training videos



In this module we will focus on shaping. We will look at different techniques and finetune your skills and communication with your horse. We will continue to work on our foundational behaviors, to develop them to another level and get a deeper understanding of them.

Prerequisite: module 1 & 2

Setup: 8 week course, weekly lectures and training assignments. Individual feedback to your training videos




In this module we will focus on cues and stimulus control. What are they, how to use them, how to build your cue system. We will also continue to work on our foundation behaviors to get them to fluency.

Prerequisite: Module 2 & 3

Setup: 12 week course, weekly lectures and training assignments. Individual feedback to your training videos

We really love building a long term relationship with our students, not in the last place because we believe it's the best setup for success for both student and horse. We believe it's beneficial to stick with a certain training system for a while. To grasp what it's about and to give you and your horse time to figure out how it suits your needs. To get the most out of a system we need to understand and apply it fully first. Otherwise we have loose letters of the alphabet but no way to speak.

We believe extensive individual feedback on your personal training videos is where our students make the biggest leaps forward, and it's crucial for their success, to be able to become independent trainers. I'm sure we've all experienced where theory is one thing, but putting it into practice is another. Training is simple but not easy, right? We put a lot of individual attention to each student maximizing their growth and potential. Besides that we see a huge benefit in students watching each others videos and feedback, there is much to learn, and we do it together

What makes your program different?

Why the need for a long program?


We teach the theory behind reward based training. You'll get weekly lectures on topics specifically selected for the moment in your journey.


We help you how to make plans for setting up the environment for your learner and how to set both of you up for success. With low frustration and high independence. 

You get your hands dirty and start training. A lot! We want to skip the overanalyzing and help you learn by doing. Time to practice your trainer skills



As all our education the modules are also built from the three pillars shown below. We use this in all our education and our training







As a student of RBHA, we invite you to become part of our online community, where we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas. So you can meet even more likeminded people and discuss a variety of topics.


Schermafbeelding 2022-04-19 om 09.48.58 2.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-19 om 09.48.58.jpg

Read more about the community here

1. What if I can't attend the lectures and Q&A's live? No worries, all our lectures and Q&A's are recorded. you can leave your questions in our group and we will answer them even if you can't attend live.

2. I have already trained with reward based training for a while, and know quite a bit. Will this course still be useful for me? We believe investing in a strong foundation is really what distinguishes the great trainer. As we give personal feedback on your training videos, everyone can be supported on their own level. However if you still have doubts if this is for you, send us a message and we can discuss.


3. I am not the only one training or interacting with my horse. Will this still work? Yes, horses are very good at distinguishing between different contexts. They will know what applies when if you are being conistent and clear about it. For sure it would be nice if everyone around your horse used the same system, however we know that isn't always possible.

5. What platform is the course on? The course will be given on a private Facebook group. Our live meetings are via Zoom.

4. I am new to all this. Is this the best place to start, or should I start elsewhere? Yes you can start here. But if you want to set yourself up for success we recommend taking our webinar series and pause course first. Please contact us if you are in doubt. We are happy to discuss and help you out with the best start.

I know enough! 

6. Are there any discounts available? Yes, people who attended our pause course in January will get a special discount. Also subscribers to our mailinglist always get the first chance to sign up, against a small discount. After that we also have an early bird price for the general public for a limited time.

pause 2.png

7. Can I pay in installments? Yes, if you use Klarna to check out it's possible to chose to pay in 6 or 12 installments. If you have any issues let us know.

Any questions left or want to get in touch?

Send us a message we are happy to chat with you! Click here to go to our contact form

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