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If you want to listen & learn about reward based horse training. Check out our two podcasts

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Reward Based Weekly


In this podcast Angelica & Do talk training!

A chatty podcast where Swedish horse trainer Angelica Hesselius and her Dutch colleague Do Groen update each other on their daily life as Reward Based Horse Trainers. 


To save you and ourselves from lengthy side paths we limit ourselves to the length of 12 minutes with a timer. We will upload three episodes a week, which we think is "Lagom". The Swedish word for: just the right amount. Let's see if you agree. 


Follow us on our training journey with our horses.

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Reward Based Riding

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A podcast about creating balance, using reward based training techniques with host Angelica Hesselius and guests.

Physical and emotional balance is the key to relaxation and connection. Coming from the view on horse training as enrichment we will look at ways to create a relaxed, gymnastically sound horse who wants to train as much as we do.


Groundwork, riding, husbandry or vet care training all will work better if our horse is in balance. But what do different types of balance look like and how do we create it?


This podcast aims to explore different ways of answering these questions as well as talking about the new tools we need to develop training with positive reinforcement techniques.

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We've highlighted two episodes related to our work in RBHA we thought you might enjoy

We also recommend checking out the other episodes, click here or find it on your favorite podcast app

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