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With a strong foundation we can build anything! From the daily handling, medical care to trail riding, jumping and dressage.


-What behaviors can be useful to focus on if we want to shape without using pressure?
-Why do we choose these behaviors?
And most importantly; 
-how can we start building them?


This is an intro-lecture on the subject, to give you an overview of the system we use in Reward Based Horse Academy. 


But no matter what system you use, or plan to use, it is a good idea to have the bigger picture clear to be successful with your reward based training and avoid frustration and unclarity.


What will you get?

- 2 hour lecture from two experienced horse trainers

- lots of video examples

- Q&A for your questions

- Recording available for 2 weeks 


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Foundation Webinar

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    Subscribers to our mailinglist
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    RBHA Students
    For members of our Student Community
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