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Learn and get support in
a likeminded safe community

Come join our private facebook group where we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas

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Schermafbeelding 2022-04-19 om 09.48.58.jpg
Exclusively for RBHA students,
everyone that has ever joined us for a course. You'll get an invitation to join the group after finishing a course. 

Let's talk training!

Do you want to:

  • Have a safe space to share your training journey?

  • Surround yourself with people who train like you do?

  • Ask questions, follow other trainers' journeys?

  • Get both inspiration and practical solutions?

  • Get motivation to get started or to keep on going?

  • Get a chance to get feedback on your training?

  • Are you the only one who trains this way in your area? Do you miss having examples around? And discussing your training with people who get it?

  • Do you feel stuck sometimes? Lacking inspiration of where to take your training and how? Which might lead to lack of motivation?

  • Would like to get fresh ideas how to approach things, but in the way that suits your values?

  • Do you want to take your reward based training into all facets of horse keeping, but are not sure how to implement it?

  • Do you miss a place where you can just ask all your questions?

We have created such a place



Learn from analysis of training videos

Explore and discuss new training topics & ideas

Connect with like minded people

10% discount on all our courses and webinars

Monthly Q&A to answer all your training questions

Chance to get extensive feedback on your training

What people say about us

"I really like the warmth & positivity in Do's coaching, it's easy to share anything without feeling bad about mistakes or doubts you might be having."

Judith Snoeck

"Training with Angelica helped me letting my ponies own the behaviours and they all have become true happy athletes."

Laura Knoops

"I found back my motivation. I was stuck in some shitty hole and did not know how to move on. Now I can move on and enjoy every minute!"

Lena-Marei Wiessner

"Sickan struggled a lot with her left hind leg. Our gymnastic has helped her find her balance and build her up to become more straight."

Ullis Andreasson

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