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2,5 weeks hands-on practical course with individual feedback on your personal training videos

"I feel we are more connected and she understands me better"

Hélène Panchaud


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You have started using food rewards, and now you have a horse who is eager to work with you, BUT can't seem to relax around you or your treat pouch anymore. Or maybe you haven't tried it yet, because the people around you warn you about it?

Do you recognize this?

Using food rewards can be done in a safe and effective way

Have you heard this too? Well, that isn't necessary..

"Your horse will become a monster, he will bite you or mug you. It's just too dangerous. You'll ruin your horse with treat training. "

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Hélène Panchaud

"We worked a lot on pause and my horse's relationship to food changed. Kelinda now understands it's ok to take a break without frustration. This seemed really impossible before!" 


"When I started my R+ training I loved the enthusiasm of my horses, but it quickly became a bit of over-enthusiasm and chaotic for all of us. Now they feel much more safe, relaxed and confident about their training."

Marein De Droogh

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"My horse Sickan changed so much in her attitude towards training after working on our pause structure and how we start and stop our training. She is more relaxed and that gives us both some time to breath."

Ullis Andreasson


The only thing we need to do is prepare ourselves and our horses for training in this new way. 

The rules of the game have changed and your horse doesn't know what to expect or how you want your interactions to look like. This is why we need to put time and effort into explaining and building the behaviors we want to see.

Our course is specifically designed for this need


You will know what to do to to prevent your horse from mugging you

You will know how to create a training session with a calm and relaxed yet confident horse

You know how to structure your training session and how to set yourself and your horse up for success

You have knowledge about how to troubleshoot when things go south



We explain what reward based training is and the theory behind it. Knowing how it works gives you the power to be an independent trainer!


We help you set up a plan for your training sessions. Setting ourselves and our horses up for success is a crucial part of our principles.

We have prepared exercises for you to do with your horse. These will lay the foundation to all your future work.



The course is built from 3 pillars that will prepare you to start going out there and train on your own. These pillars return in all of our work and are designed to make you an independent trainer.


  • Safe space to learn and connect with likeminded individuals

  • Coaching from two instructors

  • Recorded lectures and time to get into the theory before we start training

  • Q&A's: get all your answers questioned

  • Training plan template
  • Exercises with clear video examples

  • Personal video feedback on some of your training videos

  • Learn from each others feedback

  • We take care to divide our attention equally and to make sure all varieties of challenges will be discussed

  • Everything will be recorded

  • Access to all the material for 3 months

  • An intense course with dedicated students, lots of training and feedback and material to dig into.  


  • Access to a computer or phone with internet and access to Zoom

  • Possibility to film your training sessions (mobile phone is fine for this)

  • Able to upload your videos to YouTube

  • Access to Facebook where the course will take place in a private group

  • Time to train at least 3 times 

What do I need to participate?

  • 2,5 week course

  • Next date: autumn 2023 

  • Maximum 15 participants

  • All lectures and Q&A's will be recorded

  • You'll keep access to the group for 3 months

  • Possibility to pay in installments

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After finishing a course with RBHA, we invite you to become part of our online community, where we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas


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Schermafbeelding 2022-04-19 om 09.48.58.jpg

Read more about the community here

1. What if I can't attend the lectures and Q&A's live? No worries, all our lectures and Q&A's are recorded. you can leave your questions in our group and we will answer them even if you can't attend live.

2. I already use food rewards with my horse. Will this course still be useful for me? In our experience thinking about structuring your session and tools on how to prevent frustration are valuable to clicker trainers from many experience levels. After all we believe investing in a strong foundation is really what distinguishes the great trainer. However if you still have doubts if this is for you, send us a message and we can discuss.


3. I am not the only one training or interacting with my horse. Will this still work? Yes, horses are very good at distinguishing between different contexts. They will know what applies when if you are being conistent and clear about it. For sure it would be nice if everyone around your horse used the same system, however we know that isn't always possible.

5. What platform is the course on? The course will be given on a private Facebook group. Our live meetings are via Zoom.

4. I am new to all this. Is this the best place to start, or should I start elsewhere? Yes this will be useful for people who are at the very start of their journey. We recommend you also have a look at our starter course, coming in January. Which is a nice follow up for this and will give you the chance to get feedback on your training videos as well as a start with some of the first behaviors we teach.

Do you have another question, not mentioned above?

Send us a message from this page

I know enough! 

6. Are there any discounts available? Subscribers to our mailinglist always get the first chance to sign up, against a small discount. We also sometimes offer an early bird price for the general public for a limited time. We also offer a scholarship for this module (check the scholarship page).

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Module 1: Pause / Connection

Is your horse relaxed and confident around food rewards? Are they ok with starting AND stopping the training at any moment? Do they know what to do when they are unsure?


Avoid frustration, over arousal or disengagement and build a foundation for a relaxed & confident horse with our module 1: Pause /Connection.  

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