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On this page you'll find some accessible resources for learning more about reward based training



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A podcast about creating balance, using reward based training techniques with host Angelica Hesselius and guests.

Physical and emotional balance is the key to relaxation and connection. Coming from the view on horse training as enrichment we will look at ways to create a relaxed, gymnastically sound horse who wants to train as much as we do.


Groundwork, riding, husbandry or vet care training all will work better if our horse is in balance. But what do different types of balance look like and how do we create it?


This podcast aims to explore different ways of answering these questions as well as talking about the new tools we need to develop training with positive reinforcement techniques.

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Check out the third episode of the podcast where we talk about session structure tools to help with clarity & frustration

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Social Media

On our social media you'll find a lot of free content to learn from

While everything we share on our respective social media channels is in the spirit of RBHA's principles, you'll find a different emphasis and on each channel.

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On Angelica's social media you'll find content about RBHA, creating a strong foundation, deep dives for advanced trainers and last but not least Academic Art of Riding. Balance is a key word here.

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On RBHA's facebook page you'll find content specifically designed for RBHA and surrounding the topics we teach here. 

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On Do's social media you'll find content about RBHA, creating a strong foundation, relationship building, husbandry & medical care. Choice and control are central.

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RBHA Student Community

After doing a workshop or course with us we invite you to join our private facebook group. In this community exclusive for RBHA students we share training, answer questions, discuss new learning topics and ideas

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