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RBHA is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities within the R+ horse community. We understand that some individuals may be passionate about reward-based training and wish to enhance their skills, but may not have the financial means to enroll in our courses. To bridge this gap, we are pleased to offer scholarships for our Trainer Toolbox and Pause as a Structure Tool modules. These scholarships will cover 100% of the tuition fees and will be awarded based on financial need. We recognize that financial barriers can limit opportunities, and we aim to create a level playing field for all.

As these scholarships are need-based, we kindly request that individuals who are able to afford the course payment plans refrain from applying, and instead, leave the opportunity open for those with greater financial need. We encourage all applicants to reflect deeply and truthfully on their financial situation when considering the scholarship. If instead you are interested in payment plans we also offer these. Further information on payment plans can be found by clicking here.

We are currently taking applications for the following scholarships:

More info on this module: click here

Start date: April 23rd

Deadline for Application: April 16th

Number of spots: 1

Notification: April 17th we'll notify the selected student

Next upcoming:

Start date: Autumn '23

Deadline for Application: tbd

Number of spots: 1

Notification: tbd

Pause as a structure tool

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